Saturday, September 1, 2007

Harvest Spice

They're done! These are Large longies for my son to wear this winter. These were also my first attempt at short rows, and they worked great. The back has about an inch extra space to accomodate the tush. I really love the way the yarn self striped, and although the legs don't match color-wise, I like that they are different. Perfection isn't always as interesting, kwim?

I have a lot of this yarn at hand, so next up is a pair of newborn longies to match :) Poor kids, having to match already (can you hear the eyeroll eminating from my husband? He's really not liking the idea).
This wool is a tad scratchier than most I use for baby clothes, but I'm hoping that lanolizing it for use as a diaper cover will soften it up some. Even so, it's not nearly as scratchy as some, and I'm fairly sensitive to wool so if it doesn't irritate me, I don't think it will bother my kiddos. It's Nashua Wooly Stripes (see link below) in Fiesta.
BTW, this is a new pattern for me. I used the Aubrey Doodlepants pattern, and I really enjoyed trying the longies from the top down (usually I do the legs first, then join them and knit to the top). Top down gives some different options as far as the cuff edging on the legs. And while I generally prefer the look of an elastic waistband, I have learned that rib is far stretchier and will accomodate more waist sizes, so until I find a suitable hybrid, I am sticking to rib.
Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone. The weather is beautiful here...we went to the zoo today and I knitting the whole hour drive up there - divine!

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hook & needle said...

I think I'd be more likely to try a pattern that doesn't involve elastic... I'm none to skilled with elastic, I always screw up the size.

I love the color on these, and the different stripes are so cool looking. :)