Sunday, October 28, 2007

Old Man Winter, Bring it On!

Ok, I probably shouldn't be outright daring the old man, but now we are prepared!

This set whipped up in no time this weekend. It's nice to do a super quick project! The hat and mitts are for my DS, age 19 months. They are knit from Lion's Pride was really nice to work with, and not scratchy at all. I hope the wool provides a little extra warmth for him. I will probably have to crochet a cord for the mitts, but for now DS is enjoying playing with them so I'll leave the cord for closer to a time we might use them. For now, it's still in the 70's each day, but you just never know when winter will decide to blow in.

The mitts are a tad but long, but that gives him a little room to grow this winter :) Here is the link for the hat...I've already forgotten where I found the pattern for the mitts!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

More fabric painting

These are the t's I painted last weekend. I LOVE the hippo, the zebra is cute too but a little light. I bought some more fabric paint this week so I'm slowly getting some new colors into the routine :)

I love doing these - in fact, both of these are for other people, as I don't have much need for short sleeves in Dec :) I dyed the shirts too. I have a babyshower to attend next month so I'm going to make one for her baby too, but it has to be gender neutral since she doesn't know what she's having - I really like the yellow with hippo, so I might do that again for her.


I just wanted to post my prefolds to date. I only have 4 more to dye :( I love dyeing and I'm sad my stash is coming to an end! I have done some fabric painting recently, just no pics yet. Will get them up soon. I'm enjoying the stenciling and the designs are small enough to do one or two during naptime with plenty of time to clean up and all.
I'm also in the midst of using up my stash of fleece fabric. I'm trying to clean out my scraps and found a lot of fleece, so I'm making little tied loveys (a 15x15 square, with fringe cut around and tied together). Nice soft and the perfect size for I just need to keep them out of my toddler's hands...he likes them too! At least I feel like I'm starting to have a stash ready for my fictitious store...hopefully it will one day be a reality!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Little White Sweater

This is part of the Christmas ensemble for DD2B. I bought the red dress, and they were selling a white cardigan to go with it...I thought "Well I can make that!" :) So I did.

Unfortunately the buttons I bought are too tiny for the buttonholes and they keep slipping out so I need to either get bigger buttons or sew the holes a little tighter...or say forget it I won't use the buttons anyway, lol. I think I will knit the matching white socks and hat for the outfit as well.

Hancock Fabrics had a GREAT sale today - I got 5 Macalls patterns for $5!!! I'm increasing my pattern collection of baby/ toddler outfits. I wish there were more cute patterns for boys, but what I found was too "cutesy" for my taste...I prefer the jeans and t's on boys I guess. And I think I like sewing for girls because I can sew dresses in your non-typical little girl fabrics, making things you just can't find in the store. Oik, enough rambling.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Little Pink Bonnet

I finished this up last weekend, it just took me a few days to get a pic taken. I had two small balls of sock yarn left, not enough for another pair of socks, so I thought I'd see if I could get a bonnet and booties out of them. The bonnet took one ball, so I'm now debating whether I want to knit another bonnet as a gift, or make booties...decisions, decisions. For now I have some other things I'm working on so those will wait a bit. I was very pleased with this bonnet though - I had used this pattern in a sport weight yarn and it came out large, so I think the sock yarn is the perfect way to make it tiny. I used size 2 needles; I love using the little needles! They just fit better in my hand - right now I'm using size 9's and they are just not as slick to knit with.
I made a trip to JoAnn's today - had a 50% off coupon and knew just what I wanted...except, what I wanted was already on sale, so I couldn't use the coupon on I did a little shopping :) Like I needed more projects in the queue! LOL! I'm set for a while now...until I see another sale anyway...