Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sparkly Scarf

I just finished a scarf...it's 2 yarns held together - the one with the metallic sheen is Lion Brand Mohair Magic (I think that's the name? It's mohair something...) Anyway, it's so soft and cuddly...kind of wish I were keeping this one for myself, lol! It just makes me happy :)

Oh and the bias knit stitch was very easy and gives a nice finished end...I was very happy with it.

Right now I'm working on a sweaterdress for my daughter...I'm hoping to have enough yarn leftover for something to match. I'm using Knit One Crochet Too's TyDy sock yarn, and I have 200 grams to play with. I don't know what I'll have leftover - enough for a hat, socks, or maybe a matching dress for dolly? That would be super cute!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Checking off the list

I've been very busy of late!

Here's a Christmas dress, size 8.

The finished wooly warm shawl
Christmas nights longies and matching hat

And the start of a sparkly black scarf

Busy busy busy! I'm still finishing a few Christmas gifts and have some ideas taking shape!