Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Too busy knitting to post

Really truly, I have hardly had time to even take pictures of my work.  Right nowI'm deep in the Tree of Life Afghan, which despite my cursing, I do love. It's gorgeous and the pattern goes between intensely hard and super easy.  I'm also working on Aragorn socks - have one done and have started the second but it's hibernating right now while I work on the afghan.  Finished two bunny lovies for babies for Easter...super cute but forgot to take pics.  And i'm also making an ipod sock, something I'm working up out of my head (as opposed to using a pattern).

I even cleaned out my craft room in the last couple weeks.  All I really need is a super comfy chair so I can sit and knit or sew in there (I'm thinking pampasan, but need to find a cheap used one since I don't feel like paying for new).