Thursday, September 16, 2010

Alexia Jean Designs

I want to give a big shout out to my friend Lexi at Alexia Jean Designs - she and I had a dress swap for our two year olds - I made a Summerlin for her daughter, and she designed this chic pillowcase dress for my Lucy!

I'm happy that it's plenty big enough for Lucy to wear next year, since we're hitting fall and the end of cute sundresses here in Ohio!

Check out Lexi's site (linked above) - she has all sorts of gorgeous sewn items for babies and kids - the designs and quality are both fantastic :) I wish I had her eye for patterns - she can pair prints like nobody's business!

Thanks Lexi! You're awesome!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Three Years Dress

I can't believe I'm getting 3 years out of this dress! I knit it when Lucy was 8 months old, and here she is, 3 months shy of 3 years old, and she's wearing it today! Woohoo!

Pretty exciting (to me, anyway). All too often, it feels like I spend as much time making the garment as they spend wearing it before it's outgrown.

Toby is begging for a sweater, and I'd love to oblige him, but I have Christmas knitting yet to do
as well as slippers for the family (our new house floors are COLD in the morning!). I hope I have time to add in a sweater for him, because, well, as long as he's asking, I want to do it for him! I know the day will come when he's no longer asking for these things, and the though alone makes me so sad.

I haven't been as busy on the wheel lately. For one, I want to use up some of my handmade yarn before spinning more - if I don't use it, I don't know what I need to adjust. And getting new things into the knitting queue you can see from above! Next weekend is the wool festival at Young's Dairy (YUM!) and I will be looking for something new to try there. I love branching out! I bought some silk caps online last week and am looking forward to spinning them. The only problem is I have no idea how much yardage I will get out of them!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cooler Weather is Crafting Weather!

So I have several projects going on of late. I finally made my Owls sweater, and it's beautiful, but I haven't taken pics yet - need the hubby to get the camera on me! I love it, and will probably make more :)

Since finishing it, I've started two hats as part of a Knit Along (KAL). Here are in progress pics for both Toby's and my hat...the finished version will have a bill on the front and buttons.

I stumbled across another find this week - a $25 wheel in Cincy!
Isn't she beautiful? She's from Germany, and from what I (and another tiny wheel owner) can tell, it's a working wheel marketed to tourists? She's awful tiny, but spins just fine and I think the two of us will get along splendidly.

Here are some of my recent handspuns -
(The dark one of the bottom is what I'm making my hat out of)

This is a doll I made for a 2 year old's birthday. I'm very taken with her!
A close up of a handspun -