Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Northern Lights Longies

I may not have seen the Northern Lights, but this is a little how I'd imagine they look :) The imagination is a powerful tool.

These were custom knit capris and I love the way they knit up!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The pics are off the camera :)

Here's what I've been up to lately!

This is my second skein of handspun yarn. It is SO much better than the first (see below). I did the yellow single first, then the red and you can definitely see a difference between the two...the yellow has some thick slubs in it and the red is much more I had more of the red leftover. Not sure what I'll do with that little bit! But overall I am thrilled with how well this came out! It's about 80 yards.Here are the two singles before I plied them together. Oh, I should mention that my drop spindle is really too small to ply well on, so I improvised (hubby is supposed to make me a decent spindle to ply on but he was gone and I was impatient!)...I traced a cd onto cardboard, cut it out, and speared it on a size 11 needle. I then used it as a bottom whorl spindle. I did it, but it took a LOT longer that way...I am a spindler who needs a hook at the top! It worked, but I wouldn't recommend it.
Mittens I knit for a friend's son.
Hat I knitted for Lucy. It matches her sweaterdress.
My first yarn barf. It is now a coaster...need to take pics of that one still. Actually quite decent as a felted coaster...and I really love the felted coasters as decor!

Now I am working on a circular sweater for Lucy, but have put it on the back burner for a few days to work in a pair of wool capris. Fun!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I've been sadly neglecting my blog as of late! But don't take my lack of posts as lack of progress! January has been a busy month for my needles.

1. Baby blanket, hat, booties, and mama socks for a friend were all done and shipped in January. Pics to follow (they are on the camera)

2. Baby socks supposed to be for Lucy but they are too small so they will go to another baby.

3. Baby beret for Lucy - ADORABLE! Done but pics are on camera.

4. Mittens for a friend of Toby's - done, pics on camera (seeing a theme here?)

5. On the needles now - a jacket for Lucy. It's a really neat and original concept and I am excited about it!

6. On the spinning front, I finished my first skein and plied and set it. AND knitted it into a felted coaster (it's all it was worth doing with it, it was the ugliest skein EVER!)...but made a very cute coaster :) It's still drying. Have started my second skein. I have one single of yellow done and am working on a single of orange/red, and will ply the two together. Hubby is supposed to make me a big plying spindle, but we bought all the supplies and he never touched it :( So I am on hiatus waiting for him. I still have to finish my red single though so I will work on that a little every day. I also ordered more fiber today...I really shouldn't, but it was 35% off! Who can resist a sale like that?