Sunday, October 28, 2007

Old Man Winter, Bring it On!

Ok, I probably shouldn't be outright daring the old man, but now we are prepared!

This set whipped up in no time this weekend. It's nice to do a super quick project! The hat and mitts are for my DS, age 19 months. They are knit from Lion's Pride was really nice to work with, and not scratchy at all. I hope the wool provides a little extra warmth for him. I will probably have to crochet a cord for the mitts, but for now DS is enjoying playing with them so I'll leave the cord for closer to a time we might use them. For now, it's still in the 70's each day, but you just never know when winter will decide to blow in.

The mitts are a tad but long, but that gives him a little room to grow this winter :) Here is the link for the hat...I've already forgotten where I found the pattern for the mitts!

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hook & needle said...

I love the hat! I need to find a good pattern for a hat for DH. He lost his black knit cap and I'd like to make him a new one...
Ugh, I am so far behind on this stuff. Winter is here (it was 34 degrees on my drive in this morning) and no handmade mittens or hats yet.