Monday, November 5, 2007

Knit out?

I took a few days break late last week and over the weekend to chill out some...I think I've been over-booking myself with projects lately. But it seemed to give me some energy to knit yesterday and I got a nice chunk done on "Project Christmas" - sorry I can't reveal any more than that until after Christmas as it would ruin the suprise for someone :) I am squeezing little project in between my big one, so last night I made a tiny newborn moccasin in yellow...I'll knit the mate today. They are so tiny, they take no time to knit up, and then I just need to felt them. This pair is for a babyshower next week - to match the yellow with blue hippo shirt (shown in one of my posts about a week or so ago).

I need to get around to some more painting, maybe I will get to that this week or weekend. I have the ideas in my head, I've just been unmotivated lately.

The other project in my mind (not sure if I'll get to this or not) is to make a new carseat cover for my infant seat. I don't really NEED it, but it would be nice to have two so if one is in the laundry I have an extra...but creating a pattern from an existing cover sounds challenging, and while I'm sure I CAN do it, I'm not sure I want the hassle of doing it.

I have to admit, the idea for that one is directly related to the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt (sound intruiging?). It's a semi-annual hunt through different online stores for an icon - finding the icons puts you in drawings for some great prizes. This is my third hunt...haven't won anything yet, but maybe this is my time! I could sure use some cute new fluff! Back to the point at hand, I saw some sewn carseat covers in luscious minky, but yikes, the price they put on those is enough to give one gray hair! So I thought I'd be smart and make my many other projects in the queue right now...not sure I should embark on that journey. Oh well, maybe someday I will get to it...probably by the time my kids are out of the carseat, lol.

Anyway, if you're interested in some great new sites to check out (many are WAHM sites with some very interesting products you can't find in stores), check out the sponsor list for the hunt. Many of the sites sell cloth diapers, but some of them have nothing to do with diapers...there are some interesting sites that sell homemade soaps and candles, etc...great ideas for Christmas gifts. When I happen upon a particularly intersting site, I will try to remember to link it here.

Well, if you couldn't tell this was my attempt at procrastination this morning. I should be working on my grocery list (how mundane!) and then DS and I are headed for the park, should it warm up (it was in the 30's this morning! Brrrrrrrrrr!). And maybe at naptime I can squeeze out that other bootie.

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