Monday, November 26, 2007

Ok, Last Diaper Post (I promise!)

My diapers are done and ready to go. Here is the final count of dyed prefolds. These were SO much fun, and I would highly recommend that anyone who isn't cloth diapering should dye their burp rag diapers just because it's fun and pretty!

And a pic of the whole stash: 18 prefold diapers, 12 fitted Kissaluvs, 5 covers (3 Thirsties, 1 Bummies, 1 Prowrap), 4 Pockets (1 DryBees, 1 Scooterbums Designs, 2 Swaddlebees) and 1 All-In-One (Swaddlebees). I also have 2 Snappi fasteners to use instead of pins, 4 Kissaluvs doublers to use as doublers in the fitteds or inserts in the pocket diapers, and a whole load of wipes. I sewed most the wipes myself - 1 layer of flannel, 1 layer terry. BTW, terry is quite messy to sew with and leaves little fuzzies everywhere - don't take it on unless you're ready for the mess all over yourself and your sewing room!

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