Thursday, October 25, 2007


I just wanted to post my prefolds to date. I only have 4 more to dye :( I love dyeing and I'm sad my stash is coming to an end! I have done some fabric painting recently, just no pics yet. Will get them up soon. I'm enjoying the stenciling and the designs are small enough to do one or two during naptime with plenty of time to clean up and all.
I'm also in the midst of using up my stash of fleece fabric. I'm trying to clean out my scraps and found a lot of fleece, so I'm making little tied loveys (a 15x15 square, with fringe cut around and tied together). Nice soft and the perfect size for I just need to keep them out of my toddler's hands...he likes them too! At least I feel like I'm starting to have a stash ready for my fictitious store...hopefully it will one day be a reality!

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