Friday, October 19, 2007

Little White Sweater

This is part of the Christmas ensemble for DD2B. I bought the red dress, and they were selling a white cardigan to go with it...I thought "Well I can make that!" :) So I did.

Unfortunately the buttons I bought are too tiny for the buttonholes and they keep slipping out so I need to either get bigger buttons or sew the holes a little tighter...or say forget it I won't use the buttons anyway, lol. I think I will knit the matching white socks and hat for the outfit as well.

Hancock Fabrics had a GREAT sale today - I got 5 Macalls patterns for $5!!! I'm increasing my pattern collection of baby/ toddler outfits. I wish there were more cute patterns for boys, but what I found was too "cutesy" for my taste...I prefer the jeans and t's on boys I guess. And I think I like sewing for girls because I can sew dresses in your non-typical little girl fabrics, making things you just can't find in the store. Oik, enough rambling.


hook & needle said...

What a great cardi!
I too have found that the boy stuff is too cute... I like my little man to look like a dude, not a tiny sailor with ducks all over him. And my DH just freaks out if I put sweaters on him. Sweatshirts and hoodies all the way. :)

Chel said...

I found some great boy's clothes at Old Navy this fall - some great sweaters (as in little man sweaters, not baby sweaters :). At least I will knit up his winter hat and mittens so I can say I do make him things sometimes, lol!

hook & needle said...

I'm hoping to do some mittens for lil' b as well. I've thought about ravelry, I can't decide if I can really handle yet ANOTHER website to be addicted to!
Just FYI, also, I've changed my screen name and pen on BBC. Thought it was time. I think you'll be able to pick out who "the new me" is though. :)