Thursday, September 6, 2007

Project #632: Felting

I have made one attempt at felting thus far. It went ok, no big problem. I have a fantastic pattern that I am looking to make several of, and it involves felting. I went to my local yarn store this morning to ask their recc's for felting, and in the course of conversation, they learned I have a front loader washing machine. Oh, the look of horror! According to them, it is extremely hard ot felt in a FL because everything felts fast and you can't check on it. But according to everything I've read online, it usually takes 2-3 washer cycles, so you can check inbetween. What to do? Apparently my lys is in the process of setting up a portable washing machine so customers can come in and felt items in there, so I definitely have that option, but I'd rather do it here myself, kwim? I'm working on a trial pair of mocs now for my DS and I'm planning to felt them here so I guess we'll see what happens...but I will admit, I'm a little nervous.

At least I found out that they'll be happy to let me use their yarn baller to wind up my 950 yards of sock yarn that has been staring at me in it's unwound state. I just cannot bring myself to hand ball that much yarn.

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