Saturday, September 22, 2007

Pink Rosebuds on a Dress

Here is my project from today -

Front view

Back view
While I love this dress, it was a royal beeeyyyooottttcch...or rather, my machine was. I am so ready to chuck that thing out the window. I don't know why it keeps flubbing up on me but the bottom bobbin is just acting up constantly. It took me over 2 hours to sew the 6 buttonholes on this dress - something that should be done in 10 minutes, TOPS. I was so mad I ate a whole sleeve of cookies (I know, not the best coping mechanism, but I was MAD). DH's response? "We can't afford another sewing machine. You probably need to clean it out." Maybe I should chuck it at him.

Despite my machine's efforts to thwart me, I did manage to finish the dress in one day and I do love it (although I think it will take me 2 weeks before I don't think about ripping out all those buttonholes again and again every time I see it). I want to make a matching hat or bonnet (haven't decided which), but I don't have the energy to even look at the machine right now. That beyotch is not on my good side.

In other news, my Dharma order came in! Hooray! I didn't think it would make it here until next week, but I opened my mailbox today and to my very pleasant suprise, there was a large polymailer in there full of beautiful white shirts! I have 4 t's for my toddler, a slew of long sleeve t's for the baby (long sleeve t's are very hard to find for infants) and one long sleeve cotton dress that I couldn't resist (plus, I got the price break at 12 articles of clothes and that was just the perfect 12th). I'm currently finishing up dying on of my toddler long sleeve t's and 2 prefold diapers Orange. It's a very dark orange...I was expecting lighter, but oh well. If all goes as planned I will paint a dino on the shirt tomorrow...DS is very into dinos right now.

And from there it will be embroidering matching dinos on the blue longies...

Ahhhhhh, my long long list of projects!

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