Thursday, September 6, 2007

Felting Attempt #1

I will add pics tomorrow after they dry...but I think this one is a pseudo-failure. They DID felt, just a little too much. But I don't consider it a complete failure, because they are still cute and they are still usable, just not by my toddler. Of course, all his shoes are in his room where he is currently sleeping, and as tempted as I am to sneak in and grab a shoe to compare to these mocs, I'd probably wake him up and I'm thinking it just might not be worth it when I can wait until tomorrow morning.

Anyway, I ran them through 2 washer cycles. After the first cycle, they just hadn't felted enough for me - still a lot of stitch definition. So I threw them in again, and when they came out there was no question they had felted, lol. So the question is, next time do I make them in a bigger size and felt 2 cycles, or make the same size and only felt 1 cycle, then maybe finish by hand? Argh, it's easier when it just works the first time.
Here are the prefelted slippers:
Here they are postfelted

I LOVE them, they are maybe 2 sizes too small. But they will be perfect for another toddler. So I guess I'm on to my next pair, trying again to fit my son!

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