Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fabric Painting!

My Dharma order didn't even sit here for 24 hours, lol. Well, most of it is still white, but this toddler shirt is not!

I did a load of orange last night, this tee and 2 diapers. Then today I sucked up all my courage and dipped the brush in the paint (I have bad luck with paint)

Actually, I did the pink onesie first as practice since I have loads of onesies, and after that turned out well, I did the dino for my DS. I can't wait until it dries so I can wash it and try it on him!

These are the diapers - the orange came out beaufitully! I'm not the biggest fan of orange on a girl, but I have tons of diapers anyway, and wanted to do the orange for my DS...and besides, there will be a cover over it anyway, lol. (So why dye them you ask? Because it's fun and looking at a drawer full of white diapers is so boring)

Anyway, I have tons of ideas floating through my head right now.

And as a final thought, did anyone catch the season premier of Family Guy? Hats off, it was hilarious! Of course, I love Star Wars anyway, but dh and I were both just rotfl...very funny!


hook & needle said...

I can't believe I missed Family Guy! Crap!
I need to talk DH into letting me dye stuff. I told him we can dye lil' b's stuff if we have a girl and he just snorted at me like I was insane. Love the Dino shirt. That is so fun! b's big into dinosaurs right now, I'm tempted to ask... how much would you charge if I asked you to make one for me? Or are you not interested? (That's fine too!)

hook & needle said...

We have How Does a Dinosaur Say Goodnight, which is a big hit. lil' b loves story time and books in general, but I think I may get even more of a kick out of that one than he does... I like to act out stomping my feet and roaring. That book, I swear, I credit it with DS learning to kiss me goodnight. Such a great book! His fav right now though is Go Dog Go. :) Which Dinosaur books does Toby have?