Thursday, September 20, 2007

Purplicious Longies

I knitted these purple longies for a friend. They aren't wool since she doesn't use cloth diapers, so I used Caron acrylic...I love how soft it is, and the sheen on the yarn is so pretty.

This hat was in my "partially finished" box so I added ties to it tonight and will send it along with the pants.

I also found this in my "wanted to try this pattern" box. The color had ended up a little girly for my DS and though the arms fit him (yes I tried it on him :P), it's more like a cropped sweater so I'm adding it to the package to send to my friend. Hope she can get some use out of it!
I'm not sure what's next. I think I'll start a pair of adult mocs. I also ordered a nice box of dyable infant and toddler shirts, which should arrive sometime next week. When I get those I'll continue dying diapers and toss some shirts in with the diapers. I bought some fabric paint this week and stencils so I can stencil on the front of the t's.

I've been thinking about how to embroider my blue longies for DS, and I think what I'm going to do is dye a shirt for my DS orange and paint a blue dinosaur on it, then embroider orange dinosaurs on the pants to make a matched set. I'm not dead set on it yet, but that's the tentative plan, anyway.

Ok, off to watch the end of CSI (I can't wait for the season premier next Thursday!) and decide what to work on next!

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