Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Teensy Tiny Longies

Ok, perhaps my count was a bit off ;) These were supposed to be a size small, but they are far smaller. So now I'm thinking they will make cute pants for a coming home outfit...if they even fit then. But they sure are cute and tiny! I tried to ruffle the bottom using a knitting technique rather than crochet but frankly, the result isn't nearly as nice as crochet so from now on I will stick to the hook for ruffles. I knitted these with short rows and attempted a crotch gusset that I thought worked really well. I used PureWool and they are so incredibly soft.

My new knitting book came in the mail yesterday - woohoo! I bought it for one pattern in particular - the Little Turtle Knits Family Mocs pattern. The book - 100 Knitting Projects - has some other great ideas as well, but I am drooling over the mocs. I started a pair for my DS last night but had to rip them out after I figured out I was knitting the wrong size. Oops. By then it was after 11, so I just went to bed...I will try to start again tonight.
And here's an actions shot of my DS in his new longies. He loves them :) Actually, it's the camera he's having issues with lately. Lovely, just what every mother wants...a child who hates the camera.

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