Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Short Rows Success!

I started a pair of longies last night with the intent to learn short rows. I've seen lots of knitters agonizing over these so I was fairly apprehensive and did quite a bit of research. I finally found a free pattern that tells you where to put them and a great tutorial on making short rows and eliminating the holes that are usually created. I made my first attempt tonight and was thrilled at how easy they really are. The knitting isn't perfect, but I know exactly what I did wrong, and out of 3 sets of short rows, the last one was dead on, no holes.

Sorry, no pics yet. I have about 5" of the body done, so 6 more to go, then the will probably be a few days before the unveiling. I'm using Nashua Wooly Stripes in Fiesta. I acclimated this lovely yarn a few months back at the big semi annual sale at Bella Filati. They had tons of different yarns bagged together for a discounted price and I liked the orange so I jumped on it. I have TONS, so expect to see lots of orange/ red in the future, lol.

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