Monday, August 20, 2007

Skirtie with Undersoaker

Can I just say I'm pretty darn pleased with myself? I wanted to make a skirtie diaper cover, but couldn't find any patterns, so I went into this one completely blind...and I love the results! I started by knitting a soaker in blue with a ribbed waist and ribbed cuffs. Then, with the pink, I crocheted around just below the waist ribbing so that I could have a row to pick up stitches along. I put those stitches on a circular needle, did 3 rows (?), then k2, inc1 around to give a nice fullness to the skirt (this was the part that I was really unsure about...I had no idea how many I should inc by or where I should do it). Then I straight knitted until I was just longer than the soaker. This is where it got tricky again. I only had one skein of pink and I did not want to have to buy another skein to finish this up with. So I tried to estimate how much yarn I had left, etc. Also, I knew if I did a straight cast off the edges would roll, but at this point yarn was becoming scarce, so I did one row purl, then cast off, hoping that would counteract the roll. It didn't work. BUT, I had a little pile of pink still left, so I pulled out my very rusty crochet hook and attempted a ruffle...I was super pleased with how it came out, and I have very little yarn left. After about half way around I started holding my breath in hopes I had enough to last me, and I did, even if only barely. I only wish I knew how well this looked in action, because I am very happy with the way it looks flat!

Here is the undersoaker, which I knitted first

Here I had about 1.5 inches of pink added on

Here is the completed skirtie!
Here is a close up of the ruffle

The skirt lifted to show the undersoaker

And finally, this is how much pink I had left over (had to include that!)


hook & needle said...

That is adorable! I know what you mean about the breath-holding. I've got about 5 and a half rounds left on my cardi, and I am really going to cut it close with my yarn. So cute though, nicely done!

Anonymous said...

that is so beautiful, i cant believe you did that without a pattern!

you have inspired me to try it! D

lovely work! x