Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Plugging Along

Sometimes I get too impatient. I have a few more inches of knitting on my blue longies, then a waistband and I'm done, but it's those last few inches that keep staring at me. With any luck, I can get them finished today.

I did manage to sew a diaper cover yesterday (it was already cut out and ready to go). The thing is, the pattern was marked newborn/ small and it nearly fits my DS (a healthy size Large). So hummph. Making my own patterns wasn't working, and apparently neither is using someone else's. Back to the drawing board I suppose. But, the good news is that it actually looks good and functional, just not well sized.

I am spreading my name locally on custom knitting...it sure would be nice to get a job or two from that...we definitely could use any and all cash coming our way right now. I guess that means I should put the saltwater taffy away and pick up these longies and get them DONE. But the taffy is so...good....mmmmmmmmm

Off to knit,

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