Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Short Rows Tutorial

Same Knit Different Day: Yarn Over Short Rows

I'm posting this basically so I have it saved for my reference later tonight when I'm agonizing over these! I think I understand the concept, and I've used short rows (without knowing that's what they were) in socks, so I think I can do it, the only question left being, where should I insert them.

Off to do more research....

And to figure out how to make up my own gusset...

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hook & needle said...

To answer your question, I just choose my own yarn and colors. Actually, this new pattern calls for sport weight and I'm using worsted and a smaller hook (I just gauged for the first time, too! I feel so grown up!). The colors in the pattern are supposed to be white (main) and pink, blue, purple, and yellow. But my version is just plain pink and white. I love the colors they chose, but my friend wants plain pink and white, and she's payin', so she gets the final say. :)
I think if I had a little girl I'd sew more. It's hard for me to dress lil' b in anything handsewn, it always looks so cute, and he's more rough and rowdy. If that makes sense. :)