Monday, May 5, 2008

The Great Photo Update

Ok, I finally sat down at the computer with the intention of getting some pictures on here!

First up is the partially finished orange baby blanket. It is seamed together, but I don't like the way the seams still have a tendency to roll. I'm not sure what, if anything, I can do about this...any suggestions? I am still knitting the lace edging, but it has actually been put away for awhile while I work on other projects and take a much needed break from this one. Oh, and this is Caron Brites, btw :)
I sewed this baby bonnet yesterday. I am working on a matching romper dress, size 7-13 pounds.
This is one of the blankets I sewed a month or so back - this one is single layer, pink stripe, hemmed around the edges and nice and large to use as a swaddling blanket.
This one is still big enough to use a swaddling blanket. It is double this one!
This one is double sided as well, though I used the same fabric for both sides. I'm not sure if it would match most people's taste, but I hope to find someone with a retro baby theme!
This is a medium soaker, embellished with bumblebee on the bum!

This is a dress and shorts set, size small (0-3 months)
Here is a newborn size soaker in bumblebee stripes.

A red medium soaker
An orange sherbet size small soaker

Whew! How's that for a picture overload? I hope to work more on my romper dress today and I wound up 3 skeins of yarn on Saturday so they are ready to knit.
Ok, fussy baby, must run!


hook & needle said...

I find that curling seams relax a little after a few washes, maybe that will help you as well? Good luck finishing the blanket!

I sometimes wish lil' b wore cloth so I could make soakers. Yours are always so cute!

Anonymous said...

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