Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Diaper Mania!

I finally put my hands to a task I've been putting off for too long - sewing diapers! I had all the material - the waterproof fabric, the inner lining, the snap press, the polyester thread...everything. In fact, I had everything long before DD was born (maybe before she was conceived...), but I have never made a decent diaper...until this weekend!


These are all the diapers I have sewn - there are 2 more cut and snapped, waiting to be sewn. The bottom open one is actually chocolate and hot pink, but the flash made it look more maroon.

I also finished these cargo pants tonight - they are a baby gift, knitted with cotton yarn - I love them! I used the Knitty Cargo pattern, which I've used before and really enjoy.

Up next? Not sure. I have undyed yarn on it's way. I have some merino here waiting to be made into shorties or soakers, but I may offer those as customs at the store. So I'm sort of between things right at the moment. I need to learn to make Boppy covers for a friend and I may have an alteration on a toddler shirt, but I haven't looked at that yet.

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Jillian said...

When the time comes, would you make me some diapers if I worked something out with you? You do a bang up job. They look just like a diaper I would buy at the store. No joke. You need to come up with a name like fuzzy buns did for just your diapers and sell them. They look amazing.

P.S. Love the socks. They look pretty familiar...:)