Thursday, May 8, 2008

A seamstress by day..

Knitter by night. And I've had more time in the day lately with dh between semesters (he finished finals last week and his summer session starts next week). I've been taking advantage of a little extra time to get the sewing machine really humming!

First off, I finished the Pretty in Pink outfit. This is a baby shower gift for a cousin's shower I'm going to in June. I was so pleased with how this turned out. It only took a few hours for the bonnet and the dress was two days, including cutting and all. I was able to use my snap press for the crotch snaps...the pattern uses snap tape, but why use that when I have a handy dandy snap press here and a gazillion snaps? :P I love my snap press. I reinforced the edges with bias tape before applying snaps.

This dress is for the store. I made this in a matter of hours, and I LOVE the pattern! This is a size large...I am going to make one for my little model in a smaller size so I can see how it wears, but it just looks so sweet with the criss cross back. Instead of buttons on the shoulders, I again pulled out the snap press!

I made this bow holder for DD last night (took about 5 minutes). I had hung her footprints with this ribbon and had tons extra, so I handsewed this last night to match. It looks great in her room! (Can you tell I'm a total bow addict? There's one particular style I LOVE and I'm waiting for the local store to get more in. I really ought to learn to make these on my own since I love them so much...but I figure that I have a to-sew/knit list a mile long already so I will help stimulate the economy and keep purchasing these).
I am half done with a pink/ purple soaker for DD, and then I want to try my hand a tutu making. It's something that I think is just darling on little girls and I vowed a while back that once she learned to sit up I'd make her a tutu. It looks really easy, and they sell the tulle at WalMart...I need to pick up some interfacing and a liner fabric for the dress I'm sewing DD anyway, so what's a little tulle added in, right? :P

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Anonymous said...

where did you get the pattern for this criss cross back?