Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Progress Report

I really ought to get the camera out but I've been lazy.

So what's going on here? The orange baby blanket is pieced together. I still have the lace edging to do but I've set it aside for a bit to get a break. I don't know why I ever tried to make a blanket I have to seam. I HATE SEAMING. It always looks like trash when I do it! I just wanted to cry after doing all that work and now the blanket is just awful looking. I'll finish it...not sure why, but I've put this much time into it I might as well.

I've done 2 new soakers - 1 medium/ small red and 1 newborn bumblebee. They aren't completely done, as I want to embellish the red and I still have a cord to knit for the BB. They are for the stocking of my store - HauteTot - hoping for a grand opening the end of May.

As I type I hear my DS, aged 2 years 1 month, desperately avoiding a nap. He needs to nap. Heck, I could use a nap. This has been the 3rd day straight without a nap. I can not - I will not - do away with the aftenoon nap. I need my downtime in the afternoon! ARGH! Plus I will never get crafting done midday if he is awake...he has a way of making a mess of things. Like most 2 year olds.

But on the plus side, the 4 month old IS napping. In her crib, no less, which is a pretty major feat after all the sleep battles we've had with her so far. And she is the needier of the two, so if I can get a few nap breaks out of her, that's fabulous!

Ok, I promise I will get some pics up soon!

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hook & needle said...

You're using Caron Brites right? Post pics!