Tuesday, April 1, 2008

10 Squares Down...

10 Down, 11 on the needles. I finally feel like I'm making some real progress on this blanket! 6 more and we're ready to piece together. I also need to block the pieces prior to seaming since they edges are rolling quite a bit. I think I'll try dampening them and pinning to my ironing board, so I'll have to do that about 3 at a time...better start on that soon.

Over the weekend I finished 3 flannel blankets - will update with pics once I get them taken. 1 is pink and white stripes hemmed around. One is a double sided shades of red and pink, and one is a majorly retro teal, green, and brown giant flowers. Totally rad :P DH hates it, but I think someone out there will like it.

I cut out pieces for 2 baby outfits. One is a dress and shorts set and one is a tie-back top and shorts, but from the same material. The dress is simple and ok...don't think I'll use the pattern again. I have high hopes for the tie top though.

I also made a trip to the LYS this weekend and found some AWESOME malabrigo that's just dying to be made into a soaker!

LOVE it - doesn't it just scream SUMMER?

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