Friday, February 19, 2010

A moving we will go

Life has been busy lately - fear not, gentle crafters, my knitting has not suffered, but my blogging has.

So what has kept me away from the computer, you ask?

Moving halfway across the country, that's what!

In December, my hubby got a new job in Ohio, back where our family lives. So in January we listed our NC house, spent a househunting trip in OH where we found a house and put it under contract, spent enough time in NC to pack up, and moved in temporarily with family in OH.

Where we have since suffered the wrath of 3 snowstorms.

Welcome north.

We are supposed to close next week (fingers crossed!), and should move in the next week then. Yay! We also put our NC house under contract today, so we're hoping all moves smoothly with that.

In more crafterly news, I have been sock knitting like a fiend. Most of my own socks have developed holes, so I've been stocking up on sock yarns and sock patterns, and am now putting them to good use.

The first pair I knitted in Ohio went to my mom, as she was in love with them and they were a tad short for me anyway. The second pair is with my Malabrigo sock, and I love them, but had to put them on hold while I started my Olympic project - Seaweed Socks in Dream in Color Smooshy (another first!). My first toe up socks, and a pretty lace pattern to boot. I finished the first sock this morning and have already cast on the toe of the second. They are named Olympic socks because I'm working on them as I watch the Olympics...I'm participating in the Ravelympics this year (those crafters on Ravelry know what this is!). I'm participating with a great group who all use yarn from the Dizzy Sheep - if you don't know the site, check it out. It's like woot, for knitters and crocheters (and every once in a while for spinners!) -

So I'd like to finish up my Malabrigo sock next, but mom borrowed my 100% handspun alpaca moebious cowl a couple days ago and she wants one just like that. And honestly, what higher praise can I get? So I'm pretty excited to be able to knit for someone who values the product :)

I will be without internet in our new house for a bit - that's taking the back burner to several other things (one being closing on our NC house!), but I will update once we have the information superhighway back up and running. In the meantime, I'd like to post pics while I still have internet - so I will get kicking on that project too :)

Knit on friends...knit on :P

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