Monday, December 14, 2009

I Really Have Been Busy

So I knew I'd been neglecting the blog of late, but I didn't realize I was 2 months behind until today - eek! So I'm showcasing some of my recent projects, sorry for the lack of details!

These are actually from this morning. My baby (sniff sniff) turns 2 tomorrow, and her present is a wooden kitchen set that daddy has been busy painting for her. So this morning I sat down and made oven mitts and a hot pad for her little set. I have also knitted a towel and washcloth for her to use with it. These mitts were so easy, and it was my first experiment with quilting - success!

These are 2 corduroy dresses I made for Lucy for this winter. Both use the same pattern and sewed up very fast.

Some of you know I have a much cherished Vera Bradley pink elephants bag and love it love it love it. When I had the opportunity to buy a yard of the fabric I jumped on it like nobody's business. I have several small projects in mind (and have a travel mug that now matches my purse), but this is one of my favorites I have done with it.
Here are 2 of the waldorf dolls I have been working on. Each of these has a firefighter outfit and an army outfit.
I have also made two dolls for my own kids, but alas, they are still naked. I have 10 days until Christmas, so I need to get hopping on some clothes for them! I spent 2 nights trying to knit up a sweater, but in frustration I threw that down yesterday and haven't had the patience to try may not happen for a couple days.

And I will be working up a step by step process on the waldorf dolls - the pics have been taken, but that tutorial won't be available until next year!

These are some booties I knit for a friend

And a cashmere scarf I knit for a is so soft...wish I could have kept it for myself!
Ok, all I used on this project was glue, but he was one of our Halloween decorations this year and I just adore him.
My first attempt at entrelac and I am in love! I also learned backwards knitting on this one and it was so smooth! I can't wait to do another of these, but I am waiting for the right yarn to come along.
A vest I sewed for my son...he picked the fabric and all :)
Ok, so I am caught up! Now I just need to finish these mittens, some clothes for the dolls, some handpuppets for Christmas present...oh dear, not enough time!


emears said...

So many cute things, as always! I love the entrelac scarf...never seen anything like that before and makes me wish I knew how to backwards knit, too!

emears said...

And also that it a beautiful picture of you with the cashmere scarf!