Sunday, July 13, 2008

Windy City Dress

Luck was definitely on my side this weekend. After a week of things gone awry, I was almost afraid to touch this fabric for fear I would destroy it before even starting to sew. But albeit one small catastrophe that turned out ok (well, not visible would be a better term), the dress was done in record time! I finished cutting out on Friday morning, and sewed Friday night and Saturday afternoon and it was done before dinner (the machine sewing, anyway). I hand sewed the lining down last night and sewed the flower on the bottom last night and this morning. What a relief to be done!

Front view
Back view
Front view on the model
And back view on the model
I am just so relieved to be done with was a huge weight on my shoulders that this needed to be done this weekend. And now it is finished and I still have the rest of the day today to start other things.
I did finish the knitted beanie hat...lordy, it looks awful. I don't know if it was a bad pattern or a bad knitter, but it is just...laughable. So no pics to post, because frankly, I'm going to throw it out and I don't need photos floating around to remind me of it.
I am in search of my next knitting project. I have some wool I need to dye, but I won't start that until we're back from our trip. I might start a bonnet with some leftover sock yarn...that would be easy, and maybe I can work on it in the car!
Until later,

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