Monday, July 28, 2008

Update on the dress (knitted)

Boy, this one is throwing me for a loop! Twice now I've misread the directions...I'm making hte larger size and twice now have caught myself making mistakes by following the smaller size! Grrrrrr. I don't know what has gotten into me. The first time I frogged back to the mistake and fixed it but by the time I caught the second mistake it was almost a week's worth of knitting! The second time I managed to start the back opening WAY too early, so the slit is huge. I'm not sure yet whether I'll just sew it together to where it needs to be, or if I'll play around with options. The closure is a ribbon tie, so I thought about making 2 or 3 ties down the back...might wait and see how it looks done. Still, very frustrating to make such silly mistakes!

I'm slmost halfway done now!

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hook & needle said...

No, I'm not on Ravelry. I signed up to be on the waiting list like a year ago and didn't hear anything, so I sort of forgot about it.

How are things? Lucy is so big!