Monday, February 25, 2008

A New Leaf

All right, I'm sorry I SUCK at writing titles. LOL. Anyway, this is referencing the clover leafs in my latest project.

I had some scrap clover fabric from a bag I made last year, and after looking at it a few weeks ago I decided I had enough for a dress for DD. I cut it out on Saturday (I could have done it all during DS's nap but he woke after a measly 20 minutes - I swear he can sense when I want him to sleep like some crazy spidey-sense), then started sewing yesterday at naptime. It's a sundress and matching hat...there were supposed to be panties as well but they were looking pretty stupid so I scrapped those.
Anyway, I'm done with the machine stitching on the dress, but I have to do quite a bit of hand stitching yet and find some buttons. The hat is finished - it's a bit big, but better too big than too small. It's my first attempt at a's ok. I'm not thrilled with it, but as a first attempt, it's ok. The dress is darling though! Perfect for St Patty's Day. Once finished I will post pics of the whole ensemble.
I am working on a knit baby is 16 squares sewn together. I have worked for 2 days (well, evenings) and almost have 1 square done. Sigh. This one might take a while. But it's a nice easy stockinette stitch that I can pick up while Toby is playing and if he needs me I don't have to remember where I am in the pattern, so I can save my more complicated projects for after he is in bed. I think I'm a bit impatient on the blanket because the pic in the book is just darling and I can't wait to finish mine. There is no recipient in mind, mainly because I have no idea how long this will take!

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hook & needle said...

Wanted to say, I love the soaker! What a great purple! Will Toby be having a Guiness this Patty's Day?