Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Little Irish Lass Dress

And here's the dress! No pics with model yet, because she's sleeping (FINALLY!!!!) and I dare not wake her, not even for pics.

I am very pleased with this dress. I accidentally made one of the buttonholes a smidgeon small so I had to buy smaller buttons today, and it's still a tight fit, but I can make it work, and it will loosen with practice. There are supposed to be two bows in the back, but I felt they would be too much with the busy pattern, so I didn't work them up.
I found some nice lightweight summer fabric today at WalMart so those will be worked up at some point as well.
I'm taking a quick break from my knitting - working on a pair of men's's a new type of pattern. Instead of working the cuff, then turning the heel and working the foot, you work the cuff, put the heel stitches on a spare thread, working the foot, then coming back to pick up the heel stitches and work that. Very different...I like the concept, at least for something different, but overall I like the look of a neatly turned heel so we'll see how the final project looks.


hook & needle said...

Great dress! I love it.

hook & needle said...

Off topic, do you know how I'd report an ad on BBC? I saw one, and I found it extremely inappropriate.