Thursday, January 24, 2008


Ok, I found some super cute booties to match the green flower hat shown below...and I have one almost done...enough to realize the bootie is far bigger than the hat :( It's supposed to be 0-3 months, so either my gauge is off (no I didn't check it as my needles and the yarn size seemed appropriate...and yes I know I should have) or the pattern is. Boo. I'm going to finish the pair I'm making, but I need to find something else.

I had grand plans of finishing at least one of the booties last night, but Lucy decided she needed to be held...if only I could find a way to do both! But dh had homework, so I was the lone baby-holder :)

We hada rough night last night - she and I were up until 4am. So while I would love to pick up my needles during Sesame Street, I am afraid of the havoc I could wreak on the bootie, even if it is pretty simple and only shaped by incr and dec. Still a tired knitter can do very scary things.

Maybe I should dig up pics of all those mocs and post them finally...ok, off to dig up pics!

Edit to add:

I'm not adding all the pics, but you get the idea

These were for my brother in law, after he and future sister in law felted them down to size

These are completely felted up - I left them big when sending to my SIL2B so they could finish them to fit, and it looks like she did a fab job!
These were the pair for my other SIL, these are before she finished felting them to fit, so they still look pretty big.

These were for my dad, still big. I didn't take pics after I finished felting them for him, I should have! When these felted they were still pretty big around, but fit length-wise, so next time I would try to take out some of the bulk around while knitting.

These were for my MIL, I think they fit pretty well right off the bat.
All in all there were 8 pair - I knitted for my mom, dad, brother, sister in law, mother in law, father in law, brother in law, and future sister in law. That was a lot of moccs! The reviews have all been good so far - everyone says they are super warm, which as 100% wool they should be. I did enjoy making them, although there were a lot! I know my dh wants a pair, so those will probably be coming next fall or so...right now I probably wouldn't get them done before it warmed up anyway. I'm thinking about making a few teeny tiny ones as baby gifts though - those knit up in an evening though.
If I decide to make any Christmas gifts for next year I will start much earlier though so I can vary the project with something else, but right now I am thinking of taking next year off, so I can concentrate on starting up my store.
Ok, Lucy is waking from nap and Toby is tired of behaving so I am signing off.
Edit #2: This pattern is Felted Mocs. The pattern was originally sold here but is now published in 100 Knitting Projects


Erin said...

I sure am glad the mocs turned out well - it's been in the 30's all week and since we've been keeping the apt on the cool side we have hardly taken the mocs off! They are super comfy and very warm! Thanks again! :O)

hook & needle said...

Did you mention where you found this pattern? I would love to make some of these!