Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Resolution

Let's see...my New Year's Knitting Resolutions...

I have 3 friends having babies by the end of April. Need to get started on some little things for them! I already have a bumblebee longies in mind to start.

Pair of Moccs for dh...will wait on those as I am completely Mocc'ed out

Pair of socks for a friend's dh

Bigger longies for my DD

And finally, I want to start up my hyenacart this year. I'm planning on knitting and sewing items, but this is really something I want to make a reality this year.

Oh yeah, and lose 30 lbs. :O)


hook & needle said...

Saw some pics of Lucia, super cute!
Congrats on a job well done.

Chel said...

Aw thanks. I think we'll keep her :)

Hope your Christmas was good!

hook & needle said...

It was! DS has fallen hard for Thomas! Is Toby a Thomas nut, too?

How's he handling his new responsibilities?

Chel said...

Toby loves any and all trains :) I would love to get him a train set for his bday. We can hear the local train from our house (5-6 times a day) and he drops everything to tell me "Choo-choo!" Too cute! He looooooooooooves to hold the baby...gets old to mom long before it does him. And he gets great pleasure from chucking the baby blankets and stuffed animals at her. She's going to be one tough cookie.