Thursday, July 9, 2009

Too many to post!

I have been busy, too busy to post apparently! On our recent trip to visit family I finished 2 soakers, a sweater for Lucy, a cardi for my mom, and a dishcloth (small, but it counts!)

This is the cardi, a DROPS pattern that was difficult to decipher, to say the least! But I did figure it out and was thrilled with the finished project. It looks even better on...less boxy.
Pics of the soakers and Lucy's sweater are still on the camera, but I will get them up eventually.

I am currently working on a commisioned Dolly, and am now working on styling her hair. They are always much cuter once they get some hair!

I visited an awesome fiber store while in Ohio - Fiberworks, in Beavercreek, OH. They were super helpful and let me try out all the spinning wheels! I think I know which one I am officially lusting after - the Kromski Sonata. So now I know just how much I have to save up to get it! I also walked out with a few new spindles to hold me over until I can afford my wheel and some BFL in a gorgeous colorway, as well as 7 beautiful ounces of natural alpaca in a gorgeous grey. It is spinning up gorgeously! I think I'm going to knit it into a scarf and matching hat for myself for this winter! Yum!

I also returned from Ohio with a huge suitcase full of yarn, a la Aunt Lisa and company! Thanks! I am perusing baby blanket patterns and am planning to do some knitting for charity with all my new yarn and awesome assortment of colors! Plus it gives me lots of color options for Dollys!

I will post more pics when I get them off the camera!

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