Monday, March 23, 2009

Sorry for the lack of updates!

This has been a blanket a long time in the making. It never had a recipient, I just knew someday I would want to be able to give away a blanket in a moment's notice...I had that notice last week so I finished it up and it will be mailed out today.

The yarn is Caron Simply Soft.

Here are a custom pair of shorties, going out today, knitted in Berroco Ultra Alpaca (one of my fav yarns!)
A hat I knitted last month.

I've been busy with tons of projects lately, just not taking the time to update the blog! I know, I need to be better about it!


Erin said...

You have two toddlers, I'm sure most people understand! :O)

Super chic hat, btw. You are so talented! I can't wait until I have kids and can stay at home with them.

hook & needle said...

I just finished up my Caron orange and cream blankie, too! :)

You are really getting good at those little pantaloons, so cute.

If you get a moment, check out my new Etsy shop, :)