Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh what aTangled Web

Ok, spinning, not weaving, but I liked the literary allusion.

So I finally tried out my drop spindle and I LOVE IT!!! I'm not very good yet, but I had low expectations and it actually turned out much better than I feared. I've done more reading and think I know some things to fix for next timem but so far, FUN FUN FUN!!!

These are my first two singles, spun from the practice roving that came with my spindle. I did them in one evening and then let them sit for 24 hours before I plied them together. I put each ball in a coffee mug, threading the single through the handle and used the drop spindle to spin them counterclockwise (opposite of what you do to spin the single). Then I soaked the yarn and it is hanging to dry now - that sets the twist. Once it's dry I will take more pics. Some areas are overspun and some are underspun, but overall I was happy that it does look like yarn!

This is a picture of the singles before they were plied. I should have taken a picture of the roving before spinning...I will have to do that the next time!

I am also working on a blanket that has been in progress for a long had been set aside months ago still needing an edging so I'm working on finishing that right now.

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