Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby It's Cold! Sweaterdress

This is the dress I knit for Lucy over Christmas

“Baby It’s Cold!” Sweaterdress

Yarn: Any fingering weight or sock yarn, about 175 grams.

Gauge: 32 sts and 36 rows to 4” in stockingette stitch

Needles: Size 4 circulars and Size 4 double pointed needles

Cast on 70 sts on size 4 circular needle loosely. Join the circle, being careful not to twist the sts. Mark the beginning of the round. Work even in stockinette stitch for 8 rows.

Round Yoke:

Round 1-5: Work even on 70 sts

Round 6: K3, M1, *K2 M1, repeat from *15 times (104)

Round 7-12: Work even on 104 sts

Round 13: K4, M1, *K3 M1, repeat from * 15 times (138)

Round 14-18: Work even on 138 sts

Round 19: K5, M1, *K4, M1, repeat from * 15 times (172)

Round 20-25: Work even on 172 sts

Round 26: K6, M1, *K5, M1, repeat from * 15 times (206 sts)

Round 27-33 Work even on 206 sts

Split the yoke into front, back, and sleeve sections: Starting at the beginning of round, slip sts for each section onto separate holders: 38 sts for right sleeve, 65 sts for front, 38 sts for left sleeve, and keep the remaining 65 sts on needle to work the back.

Body (Armhole to hem):

1. With right side of back facing and st st, start where back joins left sleeve. Cast on 6 sts for underarm, work sts frolm front holder, cast on 6 sts for second underarm, and work across back section. Total 142 for body. Mark the side seams at the underarm midpoints (after sts 3 and 74)

2. Shaping: Work even for 12 rounds. Inc 1 st at both sides of both seam markers on next round (increasing 4 sts per round), and then every following 21st round twice to 154 sts.

3. Hips to Hem. Inc 1 st at both sides of seam markers on every 10th row 4 times. Total 170 sts. Work even to 15 inches from underarms.

4. Hem: Work 8 rounds in garter stitch. Cast off remaining sts loosely.


1. With right side facing and double pointed needles, rejoin yarn and work sts from right sleeve holder. Cast on 6 sts for underarm. Total 44 sts for sleeve. Join the circle, taking care not to twist sts. Mark the sleeve midway on the underarm.

2. Dec 1 st at both sides of the marker on every 10th round once, then every 11th round twice to 38 sts.

3. Work even until sleeve measures 6 ins. Dec 4 sts evenly across last row (34 sts remaining)

4. Hem: Work 8 rows in k1p1 ribbing. Cast off remaining sts loosely.


1. Graft or sew the sleeve and body sts together at the underarm.

2. Weave in loose ends.

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