Monday, August 31, 2009

Sneak Peak - Waldorf Doll!

First up, here's a sneak peak at the Waldorf dolls I've been working so hard on - this one is Tobys...and actually, while it was my first try at the head, so far I think it's worked out the best. Not sure what I did different, but the others just haven't come out as well.

And this is the Tirmisu Blanket I made...just because. No recipient in mind, just had the yarn at hand and loved the pattern!
Ok, off to more spinning and doll making!


emears said...

Beautiful blanket! Where did you find the pattern?

Michelle said...

I stitched the ribbon in place so it can't be pulled out, but in doing so, it doesn't lay as pretty as it did when I first weaved it in. I also learned an important lesson in sealing ribbon ends BEFORE