Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bad Blogger!

I know, I know, I'm such a bad blogger lately! I have been busy, just not good at getting my pictures up to day. But here's a little of what I've been working on lately:

1. Spinning - I have finished 2 skeins since last posting, have taken pics, but not on the computer yet. I'm working on my next skein now, a Blue Faced Leicester (bfl) wool in the wicked witch colorway from KnitFit Knitting.

2. Knitting - Been working on shorties and soakers- finished a pair of shorties, then used the leftover yarn to make a coordinating soaker. The soaker isn't quite finished yet, but close.

3. Sewing - Made myself a new skirt, and have 2 cross cross dresses for the store in progress.

4. Organizing - I actually went through all my yarn last night and sorted it by fiber - Fun! I also see that I have Too Much Yarn, so I'm now on a destashing frenzy. It's time for some odds and ends projects, because I really don't have room to be buying any more yarn or fiber right now.


I already have 1 lb of roving coming my way (blush). So I need to find somewhere to stash it!!!

So I'm looking at some scrap afghan patterns right now. I have tons of acrylic, but really prefer to knit with natural fibers, so I'd like to get rid of the bulk of my acrylics. I like to keep odds and ends on hand for stuffed dolls and animals, but I don't need anywhere near the amount that I have on hand right now! And that will free me up with space for the wools and cottons that I really love. So starting tonight is project SCRAPS! We'll see what we come up with!

Oh, and I found an alpaca farm nearby that I can't wait to visit! I already have a couple friends who want to work out a field trip for the kiddos, so it should be a blast. I'm hoping to get my hands on some roving - I know they have the whole fleece, but after reviewing my stash last night I really think I have enough on my hands without cleaning and processing an entire fleece...that just seems a bit...much. But I have a habit of jumping in with both feet, so we'll see...

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