Saturday, August 23, 2008

Earflap Hat

I let Mr T pick out the colors for his winter hat this year. I think it's cute, but I need to manipulate the earflaps a bit so they lay down instead of straight out!

I used Lion Brand Jiffy yarn and perused the Lion Brand site to find an appropriate pattern...found this one for Jiffy yarn! It is snug on him, so I hope it fits all winter, but the yarn seems to have a lot of give. Oh the pattern is for the Helmet Hat on Lion Brand's site, and I used size 11 straight needles for it. It only took about an hour, start to finish.

Ok, we're ready for snow now! LOL!

I'm working on a commissioned pair of longies right now...well, sort of. I'm doing a practice pair first for Luci so I can see what I'm doing before I try one for someone else! But I think it's going to be super cute!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Chel!

The hat is super cute, plus Toby's priceless face in the first picture. Miss you guys!

Love ya