Sunday, March 9, 2008

Man Socks

I finished my man sock! I don't care for the heel technique, but it was fun to try something different. It is packed up and ready to go to a new home tomorrow.

I'm still working on the Orange Baby Blanket. I love it already but it's going to take eons to make. I have 2 squares of 16 complete, and a 3rd on the needles.

I also found out recently I have 2 cousins expecting this summer/ fall, so more baby things to make! YAY!

Ok, so it's not letting me add pics right now, will add them later.


hook & needle said...

What yarn on the socks? I think I have the same stuff in my stash!

I saw that, about the PMs. I'm excited to see it in action.

I wanted to say thanks for stepping in on the circ thread and reminding folks that "cruel" is not a word to use lightly. :) I get so impassioned on that subject, I'm straining not to go all drama mama on it. LOL!

hook & needle said...

Chaos everywhere! AAAACK!

hook & needle said...

I'm sorry you are so frazzled. As annoyed as I am, at least I can just complain. :) You are in a tough spot, I don't envy you.

I didn't know about the surgery. Good luck, and don't worry about us. You need to worry about you right now. :)

Jillian said...

LOL on your title "Man Socks"! I don't know if I ever properly thanked you for the socks but they are too cute! Mark loves them. It was so nice of you to make those for me. (well, him actually) I love you for it!