Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ooh, I HAVE to try this!

I've been looking for a toddler sized backpack for my son (1.5), but I'm rather picky. I don't like characters and I'm cheap :)

SO.....I turn to my trusty resource, Knitting Pattern Central, and look what I found! This pattern for a felted backpack is too cute! While I love the backpack just the way it is written, I'm going to be cheap and use what I have here at home...some yellow and black, I'm thinking stripes!

I have one project that I've been procrastinating on that I will make myself finish before starting the backpack, just because the lure of the backpack will make me knit faster :)

Maybe, just maybe, I can finish it before Christmas and it can be wrapped under the tree.

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