Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Knotable Updates

I have't updated the blog for awhile, for several reasons. For one, I finished several projects at once and took a brief knitting hiatus (my hands were hurting!), for another, I like to procrastinate. Here are some things I've made since my last update.

This is a blue soaker in Malabrigo (love it!), size medium, knit on size 7 dpn. They have an elastic waist band, and I forget which pattern I fashioned these from, because I changed the pattern quite a bit in the knitting anyway.
This is a wrap soaker, knitted and fulled in the washer. I used fold-over elastic (FOE) around the edge to bind it, although the fulling made the knitting so thick that it was rather hard to sew. The effect is nice, but it's too small to try on my DS to see how it fits. With the fulling though it should be about watertight! I also got to play with my snap press on this baby!
Ok, I know this isn't knitted but I have to share :) I bought the pattern and material for this probably a year ago, and then it sat for a long time. I found it while cleaning out my sewing thigns and decided to try my hand at baby apparel...I am totally hooked! Instead of using snap tape for the crotch, I again used my beloved snap press.
I also had this fabric laying around, but only had a yard of it. I scrimped and arranged until I MADE all the pattern pieces fit so I could make another romper. I did this one over last weekend - took me maybe 6 hours total.
Ok again, totally not knitted, but I am very proud. I have delved into the world of dying and it is ADDICTIVE. In fact, when I get my yarn stash under control to the point that I'm allowed to buy yarn again I think I will buy undyed and Kool-Aid dye it myself. It is seriously too much fun. For these diapers, onesie, tee, and socks, I used one pack of Dylon dye and let it soak for 2 hours. I would have actually preferred lighter pink, but my husband took over the sink so I couldn't do my rinse when I wanted. The darker shade is pretty too.
Currently I have 3 projects on the needles. An orange/ red baby bunting, a trial of a skirtie soaker, and a pair of longies I am making for a friend from my Purewool. I will update when I have finished something!
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hook & needle said...

I LOVE the rompers... I saw the first one on Baby Center when you posted it, but this is my first time seeing the orange slice one. So cute!! Are you keeping these for your new arrival?

Chel said...

Thanks :) I think I will keep one, and one I will give to my friend if she has a girl...if not, I'll keep it for someone who needs it. But I can't decide which I like better!